Judy Kaufmann (Illustrator)

February 6, 2017

Barcelona-based illustrator, Judy Kaufmann, creates wonderful and whimsical artwork that embraces bold, bright color in such a fun way! Tired of the dark days of winter? Want to brighten up a room? Hang one of Judy's pictures on your wall and you'll definitely be feeling a little more cheery!


Check out Judy's inspirations below. Also, if you're interested, you can click here to see the recipe she created for Dessert Girl. 




Angel Olsen album, especially "Shut Up Kiss Me." I love reading "best of the year" list on websites like Pitchfork. This year Angel Olsen was on a few of them, so I started listening to the album and her work is really deep and cool. ("Shut Up Kiss Me" is on heavy rotation on my Ipod as well! ~Erin) 


I'm also listening to the Future Island's single, "Ran," which is fantastic. I already have my tickets to see them next spring in Barcelona.



A Manual for Cleaning Women, by Lucia Berlin. If you like short stories about real life and you think Raymond Carver is the one that has done it the best, here is a woman who is certainly up to par.



Transparent. One of the best series I've seen this last year. Real, dark, and bright. It's so well acted, and the subject matter makes you understand little things about life, especially about relationships.



~Judy Kaufmann



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