Alexandra Clark (Chocolatier)

February 17, 2017


If you live in the Detroit metropolitan area, you’ve probably heard of Bon Bon Bon, the fabulous chocolate shop that opened in Hamtramck, Michigan, two and a half years ago. Actually, even if you don’t live in Michigan, the shop may sound familiar to you. That's because Bon Bon Bon has been receiving quite a lot of national buzz over the past year. In 2016, Alexandra Clark, owner and head chocolatier, was named one of Forbes 30 under 30 and the shop was a Martha Stewart American Made Award finalist! Not too bad when you consider that everyone told Alexandra that an artisanal chocolate shop in Detroit would never succeed. But she persevered and the little chocolate shop that could now has two locations, the original storefront in Hamtramck and a second location in downtown Detroit.


It’s a total success story and, really, what’s better than that? Well, the bon bons for one! Alexandra’s treats are not only tasty, but also sooo pretty . . . and each one is completely handmade! They’re like little pieces of art. I can’t believe they can be so lovely and still be so full of flavor! Trust me on this. I’m no stranger to Alexandra’s bon bons. She’s created over 200 flavors during the shop’s relatively short existence and I’ve managed to “sample” a lot of them, but I think my favorites are Better Butter Crunch (potato chips, milk chocolate, sea salt) and Sweet Potato Pie (pie crust, sweet potato, ganache). So good! 





To learn more about Alexandra’s bite-sized treats and to order online, visit the Bon Bon Bon website, right here. And be sure to check out her inspirations below! Thanks, Alexandra! ~Erin


Folk Blues Night is a monthly series that happens just down the street (at Lo & Behold! Records & Books in Hamtramck, Michigan). I hate missing it, and I did this month, so it's been on my mind! 


We just received this customer complaint: 

My Bon Bon Bons
are Gone Gone Gone
so what am I going to do?
I sit, snorting cocoa,
I think I'll go loco!
Without those brown candies, I'm blue.
I can't go to Hamtramck
so I'm in a panic,
and sending sad poems to you.


Oh man, I just saw Cinema Paradiso for the third time. I only recently saw it for the first time and already I try to save it for special occasions so I don't wear it out! 





(Photos courtesy of Bon Bon Bon)



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