Kristen Kieffer (Potter)

March 5, 2017


Let’s face it. Most of us buy our mugs, our plates, our vases from stores in which everything is machine-made and mass produced. There is something really refreshing and wonderful about pieces that are made by hand, pieces like those created by potter Kristen Kieffer. Kristen's range of pottery, which is always beautiful and sometimes unexpected, often features ornate designs and lush colors. There is something about her work that is reminiscent of a bygone era, but the pieces never feel stuffy or overwhelming. Her dotted vases, for example, are really lovely, but they're also quite fun and sassy! It's a little bit like a magic eye trick. You close one eye, you see a beautifully designed deco piece. You close another you see a play on the female form or, perhaps, something carnival-inspired. 



You can check out more of Kristen's fabulous work on her website or on her Instagram page. Then scroll down to read her inspirations! Thanks, Kristen! ~Erin



I love listening to NPR's TED Radio Hour, and I just heard this spoken word poem by Jamila Lyiscott that made me teary, twice! (I listened once and had to hear it again and teared up both times.)



I've been leisurely flipping through and reading Garden Flora: The Natural and Cultural History of the Plants in Your Garden by Noel Kingsbury. (Oh my gosh, who did the illustrations for this book? They're gorgeous! ~Erin)





My husband and I recently enjoyed the documentary Eat That Question: Frank Zappa in His Own Words. Also, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee always gives me a couple giggles and respite from it all, and the one with John Oliver is a more recent fave, as well as Trevor Noah




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