Michelle Kingdom (Artist)

March 27, 2017

Embroidery has made a big comeback over the last few years. It’s not a trend that I could have predicted. Honestly, five years ago, I thought of embroidery as nothing more than a hobby of my mother’s generation, not a legitimate art form, but, man, have I been proven wrong! There are a lot of great artists out there right now doing really amazing things with a needle and thread. One of those artists is Michelle Kingdom. I recently stumbled upon her Instagram page and was completely stunned by what I saw. If she used paint to create her pieces, or some other material, I would still love her work, but the fact that she’s using embroidery makes them even more special. Her designs are truly extraordinary and miles ahead of what a lot of other embroidery artists are doing at the moment. 



If you need a little something special to get you through the day, click here to check out Michelle's latest work online. Scroll down to see her inspirations. Thanks, Michelle! ~Erin



Elliott Smith's posthumous new release, "I Figured You Out."


"The Girl With the Green Ribbon Around Her Neck" for some vintage social media fun.


Omnibus - a documentary about painter Stanley Spencer and narrated by David Bowie. 





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