Amy Blackwell (Artist)

May 30, 2017

Artist Amy Blackwell has great taste...in sweaters, in pottery, in colors. I look at her paintings and I think, I want that sweater!! She paints a potted plant and I think, I want that pot!! Is it any wonder why I love her work so, so much?? I really admire the way she weaves together   elements of fashion, folklore, and nature in order to create her own personal style. Every piece is full of so much color and life!  


I love the way Amy's portraits so beautifully combine female strength with joy. The women are so strong, but the images still leave you feeling cheerful and happy. You can see more of Amy's wonderful work on her website and on Instagram. You can also watch a short documentary about her process (and see more of her awesome sweaters!), right here. Read on to learn all about her inspirations. Thanks, Amy! ~Erin




The Moth Radio hour (podcast) - The most recent one on Mother's Day was my favourite episode so far this year. Love the stories and the mixture of sad, happy, funny and sometimes all three emotions. Very inspiring stuff. 



The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde - A book my boyfriend recommended, which I ended up devouring in a couple of days. Definitely made me snort with laughter a few times in public, which is always a good sign I think. 





I work in a cinema part time, so I should probably pick a current cinematic extravaganza, but right now I'm smashing my way through Game of Thrones in time for the new series this summer. That's allll my brain wants to watch right now, ha! 





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