Marialaura Fedi (Artist)

June 1, 2017

I’m thrilled to be ending the day with these lovely paintings by artist Marialaura Fedi! Based in Rome, Italy, Marialaura creates beautiful figural paintings, which are highly influenced by her environment in both color and design. Although her paintings are pared down, oftentimes composed of simple scenes with minimal background elements, her images are positively overflowing with style and sophistication! I love with way she incorporates fashion and plant life into everything she does.

You can see more of Marialaura’s work on her Instagram page. Scroll down to see her inspirations, which are just as stylish and cool as her paintings! Thanks, Marialaura! ~Erin




My favorite song of the moment (and ever) is "Se ti tagliassero a pezzetti" by Fabrizio De Andrè, in my opinion, one of the most important Italian songwriter of all the time.



I've recently bought a wonderful book by Ernesto Schick titled Railway Flora. It is an atlas of all the flora that grows near the railway in the Ticino area. The drawings of the flowers, made by Ernest itself, are so delicate. My edition is by Humboldt Books. They do wonderful books that are more like pieces of art than just books.




The videos I'm watching obsessively and are my favorites right now are not films or tv shows. They are two series on the youtube channel named Nowness. The first is a series called Great Gardens, where they go to discover all the most beautiful gardens (mostly private gardens) of the world. It's so inspiring. The second one is the My Place series. On that show, they explore the intimate places, the houses, of creative people such as artists, painters, photographers, writers and songwriters. I love that kind of video. Like the Garden series, it is really inspiring for my work and meets my second passion after painting, which is design.


My two favourites:


Great Gardens: Las Pozas, Mexico

My Place: Florence Welch





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