Lottie Davies (Photographer)

June 3, 2017

There are some days, when I’m scrolling through Pinterest, mindlessly looking for inspiration, when I wonder if I’ll ever be blown away by someone’s work ever again. I know that it will happen, eventually. There’s always some new discovery right around the corner, but there are days when I feel like all my passion has been spent. I was having that kind of moment, and feeling a little bit blue, when I suddenly came across the amazing work of today’s contributor, photographer Lottie Davies and I was completely blown away! Her work is not only vibrant and colorful, but also emotional and engaging. Actually, a lot of her photographs remind me of film stills, which I love. But, unlike a film director, who has hours to get their vision across, Lottie somehow manages to tell an entire story in just one shot. 

Okay, so I will admit that I’m a little obsessed with Lottie’s work. I'm particularly drawn to her series Memories and Nightmares and I’ve posted several images from that series above. Unfortunately, the dimensions of my site don’t do justice to one of my favorite pieces, “Quints,” so you should head over to Lottie’s site and check it out there. Trust me. You’ll get completely lost in her work! Scroll down to see her inspirations. Thanks, Lottie! ~Erin



Podcast: A Small Voice, Conversations with Photographers by Ben Smith 





Anything by Paul Auster. I’m currently about to start his magnum opus, 4 3 2 1, having discovered his work through The New York Trilogy in the early 1990s. 




North by Northwest has been my favourite film for many years; I never tire of it—Cary Grant, Hitchcock, James Mason, that Technicolor look, the crop-duster sequence, Mount Rushmore…can’t see it too many times!





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