Clare Elsaesser (Artist)

June 10, 2017

Ahhh…the lovely paintings of American artist Clare Elsaesser. I don’t remember where I first saw her work, but I know that every time I come across one of her paintings, it always catches my eye! Oh, who painted this dreamy portrait of a woman holding flowers? Clare Elsaesser. Oh, who painted this beautiful lady in a lake? Clare Elsaesser. Oh, who . . . Clare Elsaesser!


Clare has such a great sense of color and texture. I love her thick brushstrokes and her gorgeous color combinations. Pinks, blues, and greens pop up a lot in her paintings, as does a sense of mystery, a dreamlike quality that draws me back to her work again and again. The faces of her women may be hidden, but the emotions come through, every time. 


Click here to check out more of Clare’s work on Etsy and here for her Instagram page. Scroll down to see her inspirations. Thanks, Clare! ~Erin




Calypso by Harry Belafonte . . . baby Frances likes dancing and falls asleep to Calypso. :)



I haven't had much time for the next two because I have a six-month-old baby!


Since time is limited, I go straight to the fiction section in The New Yorker.





Silicon Valley. I would like to list a movie, but I can't even think of the last one I saw. Maybe I'll be able to watch them again someday??? 





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