Amy Bennett (Artist)

June 18, 2017

When I first started writing this, I thought it would be a quick and easy post. I really admire Amy Bennett's work, so I thought selecting the images would be a super cinchy process, but it actually turned into a huge undertaking, one that involved me selecting and deleting and reselecting images over and over again! That's because Amy has an incredible body of work, and I don't only love specific pieces or certain collections. I love each and every one, so narrowing it down to five paintings was tough! 


Part of the reason I adore her work so much is because of the technique she uses in creating it. Unlike most painters, who paint from life or from memory, Amy builds tiny three-dimensional worlds, which she then uses as the models for her paintings. And while using miniatures is a technique I've seen used a lot in photography, it's an unusual practice in painting and the results are magical.


Amy's use of intricate models lends her work a slightly unsettling feeling. The scenes are at once familiar and bewildering! Be sure to check out more of Amy's fantastic paintings on her website. You'll be glad you did! Scroll down to read her inspirations. Thanks, Amy! ~Erin




You Got Me Singing by Amanda and Jack Palmer 



Everything Ravaged Everything Burned by Wells Tower




Helen Verhoeven, painter




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