Helen Levi (Potter)

July 12, 2017

Anyone who visits this site regularly, knows I’m a sucker for a mug. I like the feeling of holding it in my hands, wrapping my fingers through the handle and around the body. There's just something about it that I find really soothing! My newest mug obsession is the work of today's contributor, Helen Levi. Helen's lovely three clay mug is made out of not one, not two, but three different kinds of raw clay! That's right. The beautiful marbled design on the outside is not created with glaze, but is pure clay! I love all of Helen's work, but this particular piece really appeals to me. The natural, earthy colors remind me of a peaceful desert landscape.


I love the soothing waves and swirls in Helen's pottery and the fact that each piece is a little different and truly one of a kind! Click here to visit her website and to shop online. You can also check out her Instagram page, right here. She shares her inspirations below. Thanks, Helen! ~Erin



I've been enjoying two podcasts recently: Criminal, which is a short half hour a week that focuses on historical crime stories (and I appreciate it for not being too gory) but also includes interesting current day cases that comment on the political climate. The other one is called How I built This and profiles different successful business owners and talks to them about how they grew their empire. As the owner of a tiny business, I find it fascinating!


For music, I've been listening a lot to Kendrick Lamar's new album, DAMN, which is awesome. 



My favorite book recently was written by my aunt Carola Dibbell. It's a dystopian future sci-fi novel called The Only Ones and it's so good.





I just got into Deadwood on HBO, which is fun to watch now because you'll recognize so many great character actors who were just getting their start in 2004. Also, I love the backdrop of the gold rush as a setting. I used to be a big fan of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, but this is way better.





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