Zaria Forman (Artist)

July 8, 2017

If I ever win the lottery and I'm in a position to buy some fancy schmancy art, the work of today's contributor, Zaria Forman, would definitely be on my must-buy list! I have been a fan of hers for many years, ever since a friend of mine posted one of her drawings on Facebook, along with the question "Who painted this???" But, the thing is, Zaria isn’t painting these images. She’s actually using pastels on paper and then spreading the color with her fingertips! The end result is simply stunning. But behind every beautiful hyperrealistic drawing of ice and water, Zaria is subtly acknowledging a much darker issue, the problem of climate change. These remote landscapes may be awe-inspiring, but they are also fragile and vulnerable. They won’t be around forever, not with the imminent threat of global warming, a problem that has already altered the natural world in so many ways. It is a powerful message, one that makes me love her work even more! 


You can see more of Zaria's work, and read more about her dedication to climate change, on her website and on Instagram. You can also check out an incredible Ted Talk she did on her life and work, right here. She shares her inspirations below. Thanks, Zaria! ~Erin





Radiolab's "Revising the Fault Line



Here I Am by Jonathan Safran Foer 





The Handmaid's Tale and I Love Dick





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