Alexandra Dvornikova (Artist)

August 2, 2017

Growing up, I was obsessed with fairy tales. Not the romantic bits. I never really cared about the kissing and the weddings, but I loved the magical elements, the surreal and the strange. As an adult, I often find myself drawn to artwork that reminds me of stories from my childhood and the work of today's contributor, Alexandra Dvornikova, certainly does that!


Born in Russia, and currently living in London, Alexandra's homeland looms large in everything she does. I love the way she incorporates Russian folklore elements into her work. Her heritage is always there, in her style and her subject matter, and in the whimsical little details that often pop up in unexpected places! 


You can see more of Alexandra’s enchanting work on her website, right here. You can also follow her on Instagram. Scroll down to read all about her inspirations. Thanks, Alexandra! ~Erin




Some of my favourite songs of the past few months:


Surrender by Ólöf Arnalds (featuring Björk)

Zo No Senaka by 幾何学模様/Kikagaku Moyo


What We Know by Pill Wonder



I'm currently reading Notes of a Moscow Biologist by L.V. Krushinskij.


The last book that really impressed me was History of Beauty by Umberto Ecco.





Agafia: Hermit Surviving in Russian Wilderness for 70 years by RT Documentary.

And a lot of videos about crane dance (for example タンチョウの舞い / Japanese Crane Dance) that make me cry every time.





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