Edith Rewa (Designer, Artist, Illustrator)

October 21, 2017

Happy Saturday! I’ve been feeling a bit lethargic lately, with the change in seasons and the general unrest in the country right now, but today I’m trying to pull myself out of this funk with some beautiful floral paintings by today’s contributor, Edith Rewa! Her work is absolutely gorgeous and always puts me in a sunnier state of mind! 


Edith, who is based in Melbourne, Australia, not only owns her own scarf label, Fossick, but  also creates colorful floral illustrations for various clients and exhibits her personal work at galleries. I'm a huge fan of her plant portraits—the lovely paintings on black background are absolutely stunning! And while I've never been able to pull off a scarf, I love the idea of treating fabric like art and Edith's scarves would look so great hanging on a wall! 


You can check out more of Edith's work, and shop online, on her website, right here. You can also find her on Instagram.  Scroll down to read all about her inspirations! Thanks, Edith! ~Erin




I have a few fav podcasts I enjoy listening to each week. They keep me company when I am drawing and can be a nice stimulating break from listening to music when drawing! SPUN Stories, Pretty for an Aboriginal, Starving Artist, Jacky Winter Gives You the Business, and a new little one titled Talk to the Hands: Stories of Landcare. Oh and Awaye! Separate stories too! 



I have just finished reading the manuscript for a novel by Holly Ringland called The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart for which I thoroughly enjoyed doing the cover and select interior illustrations. It is out in March 2018 and is a wonderful story of lady strength and personal journeys, with native Australian plants winding themselves throughout.





I have just moved house and we don't yet have internet or a working tv, so it has been a nice screen break, actually. But I recently saw Battle of the Sexes at the cinema. I never knew that the match occurred in real life in 1973. Go Billy go!





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