Alessandra Genualdo (Illustrator and Painter)

December 21, 2019


I'm always in awe of artists who are able to turn real-life situations into beautiful artwork. Whether it’s two friends sharing stories over coffee or the way a cat seems to be in a constant state of grooming, I love when painters are able to capture a scene so perfectly that it feels like they've reached inside my head and put my memories on canvas. Today's contributor, Italian-born illustrator Alessandra Genualdo, is one those artists. 

I first discovered Alessandra's work through the cover illustration she did for frankie magazine. (They have such great covers!) As I delved further into her work, I was struck by her beautifully minimal style. Her overall palette is limited and large blocks of color fill the canvas, further enhancing the stillness and solitude that comes across in so much of her work.  

Alessandra's scenes always feel so genuine and true to life. The compositions may be simple, but they are also quite moving. You can check out more of Alessandra's work on her website, right here. You can also find her on Instagram. Scroll down to see her inspirations! Thanks, Alessandra! ~Erin




I Never Will Marry by The Carter Family



Le Bal (The Ball) by Irène Némirovsky





Winter Light by Ingmar Bergman





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