Alice Lindstrom (Illustrator)

December 21, 2019


I love when art and design forces me to look at things in a completely new way. When I first laid eyes on Alice Lindstrom's brightly-colored illustrations, I assumed they were paintings. After digging a little deeper into her work, I was floored to discover that she is not, in fact, using paint as her primary medium, but collage! Lindstrom, who lives and works in Australia, creates intricate illustrations using many, many, many pieces of colored paper! Paint is involved on some level, as she does paint and prepare the paper beforehand, which possibly helps give her illustrations a painterly feel, but mostly, it’s her ability to layer all those tiny bits of paper that makes her work so unique. 


In a recent post on Instagram, Alice wrote that she tries to use "individual bits of paper like brush strokes." I love that! It so perfectly sums up her work and her process! To see more of Alice’s incredible collage piece, check out her website, right here. You can also follow her on Instagram. Scroll down to read all about her inspirations. Thanks, Alice! ~Erin




I listen to a lot of diverse music on Spotify while I work, but I have some old favourites that I go back to again and again. Currently I have Belle and Sebastian on rotation. I hit repeat on the songs Dress Up in You and Another Sunny Day a little too often!

I am a very devoted to a whole range of podcasts. I particularly love long-form crime investigative series, like Dirty John or Black Hands. A friend recently put me onto West Cork and I really enjoyed it and virtually listened to it in one sitting. (It's over seven hours in total!)



I have started reading Her Body and Other Parties by Carmen Maria Machado. It is a fantastically rich collection of short stories with a feminist emphasis. I also recently read an article by Jill Lepore in the New Yorker about Mary Shelly and her novel Frankenstein which is a really enlightening read. 





I have just finished watching Wild, Wild Country on Netflix. It's a six-part in-depth documentary about the Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho) and the Oregon community of Rajneeshpuram, where his followers resided. It is an absolutely fantastic and incredible documentary (and event) and I highly recommend it. 





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