Liubov Nikitina (Multidisciplinary Artist)

April 29, 2018

The Internet is a strange place. For every angry and rude comment, for every group spewing hate, for all the people who downvote your Reddit comments for no good reason, there is a another space where people come together to support and encourage one other, to share their art and their ideas. For me, Instagram is one of those places. No platform is perfect, but generally speaking, I've found folks on Instagram to be kind, their work inspirational. One of the people using the site to spread "love, peace, and joy" through art is today's contributor  Liubov Nikitina.


Based in Moscow, Liubov is a multidisciplinary artist who recently started creating uplifting embroidery as a way to relax and unwind. In her fine art career, she had been working on pieces that addressed troubling issues like violence and animal extinction, and she wanted to shift gears a bit, to create things that would bring a bit of sunshine into people's lives. And it worked!


Using both wool embroidery and felting, Liubov's incredibly detailed pieces combine word art with three-dimensional landscape pieces. Each tiny world perfectly encapsulates her work as multidisciplinary artist, as she is able to artfully weave together sculpture, embroidery, and text into one small piece. You can check out more of her hoop art, as well as a piece from her fine art collection, below.


If you need a little bit of inspiration this week, check out Liubov's latest work on Instagram and on Etsy. You can also see some of her fine art pieces on her website, right here. Scroll down to read all about her inspirations. Thanks, Liubov! ~Erin




Hmmm . . . I love some jazz on a rainy day when I'm working, but if it's sunny I just go to work in the park and listen to the wind in the woods and the birds, such a good therapy for the body and mind. But if we are talking about artists, my go to album at the moment is the soundtrack from 500 Days of Summer. It just does some magic to the mood. It's hard to choose one thing when the mood is constantly changing :))



The last book that I loved was The Little Prince. I wish I'd read it earlier, but then again, I'm so glad I found it when I did. It's just so timeless.





I'm an absolute fan of Wes Anderson's creations. I even put down the work to actually watch it (that happens very rarely). I love things that are weird and different but yet intelligent. He has HIS thing, he is not trying to please everyone, or to make the biggest selling films in the universe, so when I'm feeling down creatively or question my "not for everyone" quality, I always watch his movies to remind myself that doing what I FEEL is the right way to go.  





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